Sonopuls HD 5000

Homogenisation, deagglomeration, emulsification, suspension, acceleration of chemical reactions or disruption of cells, bacteria, fungi or spores are the main areas of application. Greatly reduced process times and quickly available reproducible results make SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenisers indispensable for modern processes and analytics.

The SONOPULS HD 5020 is ideally suited for gentle sonication of the smallest sample volumes of 0.1-25 ml at 30 kHz with sonotrodes with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 mm. The generator produces a power of up to 20 W.

Bethe ready-to-use set:
for volumes from 0.1 – 25 ml
Ultrasonic nominal power max. 20 W
– Ultrasonic generator GM 5020
– Ultrasonic transducer UW 5020
– Sonotrode MS 1.5, Ø 1.5 mm

The SONOPULS HD 5050 is particularly suitable for gentle sonication of smaller sample volumes of 0.5 -100 ml at 20 kHz and sonotrodes with a diameter of 2-9 mm. The generator operates with a power of up to 50 W.

Ready-to-use set:
for volumes from 0.5 -100 ml
Ultrasonic nominal power max. 50 W
– Ultrasonic generator GM 5050
– Ultrasonic transducer UW 5050
– Sonotrode TS 102, Ø 2 mm

Ultrasonic transducer

There is a button on the ultrasound transducer. This can be used to switch the ultrasound operation on/off and to control a hand-guided pulsation. The ultrasonic transducer also has a connection socket for using a temperature sensor for monitoring the sample temperature.

Connection for temperature sensor TM 5000
For temperature monitoring, the temperature sensor is connected to the
socket provided for this purpose, which is otherwise covered with a dust cap. A temperature display appears on the generator, enabling the user to record the temperature at any time. If the limit temperature is exceeded, a warning signal sounds and/or the process is automatically stopped.

Ultrasound generator

Ultrasound generator in easy-care, robust plastic housing with connection for all SONOPULS ultrasound transducers of the HD 5000 series as well as a recessed grip for easy transport and adjustment on the laboratory bench. The modern 7″ touch display offers intuitive, user-friendly operation. The setting of the target values for amplitude, pulsation and time and the display of the actual values enable reproducibility of the results. reproducibility of the results.

Example application in the video

We have put together an overview of sample cleanings to help you carry out optimal ultrasonic cleaning. Please visit our Youtube channel for more videos.

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