Sonorex Technik Ultrasonic Baths with Overflow Pocket & Heater

Two-part high-performance ultrasonic cleaning bath with bottom sound, without heating for industry, service and maintenance.
The welded swing tray made of 2 mm stainless steel 1.4404 guarantees maximum durability even with intensive use.
A modular design enables a wide variety of configurations from the individual cleaning tank to the complete cleaning line.
The integrated overflow pocket is used to connect an oil separator to separate cleaned oil films from the cleaning solution.

– Spray tube for removing floating oils from the liquid surface into the overflow pocket
– Level switch as dry-boil protection for heating and ultrasonic transmitter
– Height adjustable feet

Round tub corners on the sides and bottom facilitate tub cleaning. Dirt build-up is avoided.

The mounting of the control elements in the upper area of the bath facilitate the operation of the switches for ultrasound.

The inclined tub floor enables better cleaning results through optimal sound propagation. Emptying the tub is made easier, dirt accumulation and residual liquid on the floor are largely avoided.

The two-part design allows the ultrasound generator to be set up separately from the wet area.

The ultrasonic generator is equipped with infinitely variable power control, serial interface and remote control connection for external control and monitoring.
Several cleaning tanks, also of different frequencies, can be put into operation with one ultrasonic generator.

For optimally coordinated ultrasonic cleaning, matching baskets, lids and cleaning and disinfection concentrates are available as accessories.

Type Internal tank
I x w x d
I x w x h
ZM 112 UH 600 x 450 x 450 / 470+ 115 780 x 610 x 800 4000 1000 4800 4.3
ZM 112 UHL 2 x 4000 2 x 1000 8.6
ZM 182 UH 1000 x 500 x 400 / 420+ 70 1180 x 660 x 800 2 x 4000 2 x 1000 7200 8.6
ZM 182 UHL 2 x 6000 2 x 1500 13.0
ZM 212 UH 750 x 650 x 500 / 520+ 230 930 x 810 x 800 2 x 4000 2 x 1000 7200 8.6
ZM 212 UHL 2 x 6000 2 x 1500 13.0

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