A prerequisite for an optimal cleaning result or effective disinfection in the ultrasonic bath is the use of special cleaning preparations adapted to this process.

TICKOPUR preparations for ultrasonic cleaning

TICKOPUR products have been specially developed for ultrasonic cleaning. With their cavitation-promoting properties, the preparations support the cleaning process and are gentle on the material at the same time. The working solutions prepared with TICKOPUR can be used for several cleaning processes, depending on the contamination of the goods to be cleaned. If cleaning goods contaminated with oil and grease are to be cleaned, we recommend demulsifying cleaners in conjunction with an oil separator. The service life of the cleaning solution can be monitored, e.g. by determining the concentration. The concentrates can also be used in the ultrasonic bath with demineralised water. All products are biodegradable.

Tickopur R27
Tickopur R30
Tickopur R 33
Tickopur R60
Tickopur RW77
Tickopur TR3
Tickopur TR13

Filling an ultrasonic bath and dosing the cleaning preparation

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